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An osteotomy simulation system composed of a three-dimensional simulation software and rapid prototyping.
Collaborative surgical simulation over the Internet.
Archiving of orthopaedic CT and MRI dataset in personal computers in a PACS-less hospital.
Personal computer-assisted evaluation of pedicle screw position on CT images.
Patient-specific surgical simulator for spinal screw insertion composed of virtual roentgenogram, virtual C-arm, and rapid prototyping.
Surgical simulator for isometric point placement composed of virtual arthroscopy and rapid prototyping.
Percutaneous vertebroplasty: Short-term results of 37 cases.
Distribution and leakage of cement after trans-pedicular vertebroplasty.
Andersson lesion causing myelopathy.
Hemangioendothelioma causing thoracic myelopathy.
Unilateral fracture of superior articular process of the C7 and resultant radiculopathy treated by anterior fusion.
Pedicle screw insertion without radiologic assistance in low back surgery.
뇌, 척추 정위 수술 지원용 항법장치의 개발.
각종 정형외과 수술을 위한 기계팔 방식의 항법장치의 개발.